Littleton: Supporting Economic Growth

Photo by Nolan Altvater

Littleton: Supporting Economic Growth


90 acres

For over 10 years now, the Mi’kmaq Nation has continued to be leaders in creating an agriculture and aquaculture business which made the recent acquisition of the Sunrise Tree Farm a positive step forward. Many tribal members already had experience working on the tree farm so when it became for sale, it made perfect sense to acquire the tree farm to continue supporting their tribal work force and expand the seasonal products and hours of operation of their already established business. Mi’kmaq Farms has been in Aroostook County for decades, serving both tribal members and community members in the region. Mi’kmaq Vice Chief and Commission member Richard Silliboy reached out to First Light to secure rights to purchase the property. First Light worked collaboratively with Maine Coast Heritage Trust in securing the rights first, allowing the Mi’kmaq Nation time to obtain the financing for the property themselves without having to worry about the sale being lost to another buyer. With the addition of these 90 acres adjacent to the Tribe’s Littleton housing complex, it will also allow tribal members more access to land for hunting, fishing, and foraging.

Mi’kmaq Farms is located at 1353 Presque Isle Rd, Caribou, ME 04736.