Land Projects

We currently have over 20+ land projects that range from creating physical access to harvesting places to acquisition of sacred sites. 

Wabanaki Commission on Land and Stewardship and First Light

As we learned from our friends in the conservation world, the best way to increase access to ancestral homeland is to reacquire it. Below are a list of projects we have completed in collaboration to return land to Wabanaki communities. The direction of these projects occurs in a few different ways. Above all, the direction of this work comes from both the Wabanaki Commission and Wabanaki community, including members from tribal governments, tribal NGOs, and cultural practitioners. These provide insight on what lands to prioritize and our conservation partners provide capacity and resources (not always monies) to support land acquisition. Lands can also be donated through gifts from individual families to a tribal community, or they can be offered from conservation groups. 

Explore each project to learn about how it originated and what significance this land return has for Wabanaki people. 

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