Working Groups

First Light working groups are self-organized around a specific Wabanaki-identified priority and are designed to build relationships and learn collectively by developing projects.

Below, learn about specific Working Groups and find out how you can join a working group or start a new one.

Want to start a new Working Group?

Whether you’re navigating a shared challenge, or noticing an opportunity for organizational resources to meet Wabanaki priorities, it can be valuable to connect with fellow organizations and lean into an issue together.

Here's how to begin:

  • Have your organizations already articulated a commitment to Wabanaki solidarity? Having support from organizational board members, leadership, and all levels of staff is key. Start by considering formalizing your role in the First Light Community so you’re not doing this work alone.
  •  Develop a goal and describe the skills, energy, and resources each organization can provide to benefit Wabanaki communities or priorities.
  • Contact us to discuss the goals, our budget to support you, and other suggested parameters.
  • Submit written personal and organizational commitment from all members.
  • Compensate any Wabanaki people who are consulted or participate.

Want to join a Working Group?

Does your organization have resources, skills, knowledge, or networks to share around any of these areas? Contact us to share your insights and learn how to plug in.