These courses were put together by leaders who have been deeply involved in First Light, and we hope they will give your organization guidance.

Courses are designed to be opportunities for a community, say of colleagues within an organization or of peers across organizations, to go through collectively so that everyone benefits from diverse perspectives and supports each other in developing their understanding.

We also encourage all types of organizations to partner directly with Wabanaki REACH in their powerful efforts to shift Maine's culture.

Current & Upcoming Courses

  • Learning Journey - Cohort 3


    We're excited to announce a third First Light Learning Journey. In this yearlong journey, organizations will go deep to understand and transform conservation culture, in order to further the work of return-- returning land, returning access, returning financial power, returning to a new way of working together-- with Wabanaki people & communities.

Learn at Your Own Pace

  • Rethinking the Promise of Conservation

    This 5-part YouTube series unpacks the cultural line from colonization to conservation alongside First Light’s response through introductory material on solidarity with our Wabanaki colleagues.

  • Changing Legacies

    This 6-part course, the First Light learning journey for board members, gives those in leadership roles the opportunity to reflect on how their organizations can work in solidarity with Wabanaki communities.

  • First Light Learning Journey Cohorts

    This is an archive of the year-long course for organizations to go deep in relearning histories of the land they care for, and rethinking how they can change their systems to support solidarity with Wabanaki land access, stewardship, and return.